Award Resource Area – Social Media Team

  Award Resource Area – Social Media Team

The concept behind having a Social Team is to help school connect up its communications a little more coherently and confidently from the outset. Membership of the Team always includes at least one SLT member and a small/focused number of other colleagues who together can speak with the school voice. The Team is a vehicle for the school communication strategy and is the main point of connection for the school community and beyond, particularly where Facebook is being used.

An effective Social Team can more coherently promote the school’s values and ethos through it’s updates and activities. Team members each have their own networks and connections to draw upon and this helps to make ideas easier to come by.

As with any team, when a group of people work together certain benefits are had which are often absent when the work is led by individual crusader types.  Effective engagement requires the school to have resilience to change, accountability and succession planning pretty well thought through and in place.  When the school engages with others via social media it has the capacity to and skills to know what can be made of interactions with others.


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