Award Resource Area – Parental Support

  Award Resource Area – Parental Support

No matter which Social Media platforms you select to connect with your parents, communicating your school’s vision, and the reasons why your school is doing what it is doing, is an important part of the Social School Award. Investing in this process at the beginning will save you time and will ensure the smoothest journey for your school. 

Gathering views of your parents is invaluable not only at the beginning of the process but also along your school journey.  Identifying, in the case of Facebook, who your parental community influencers are makes promoting the good work of the school happen more easily.  To ‘promote’ you have to identify people who will amplify your school message and invariably some of the best enablers will be parents.

How you engage with your parents and who engages with your parents is something your Social Media Team must discuss.  If you are preparing your submission for the Social School Award you will know that following the uncertain stage of launching to your community, parents invariably live up rather down to expectations.  Engaging parents with your school can result in some unique outcomes and celebrating their involvement using social media can be very powerful.

Questions to consider:

  • How should negative engagements be treated?
  • How has your school mitigated the risks of inappropriate public interaction with the community and world at large?
  • When is it useful, to demonstrate school values, to leave initially challenging engagement visible to others?


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