Video Capture Help

  Video Capture Help

If you’re having problems recording a video using the big red button, in the Social School Award evidence submission area, here are some steps that may help.

  1. Instead of recording using the big red button, choose to upload a video you have created instead.
  2. If uploading a video yourself is not an option then here are a few things to try if you’re having difficulties with the big red button
  • Close all apps and browser windows on your device and retry your submission
  • Restart your device and try again
  • Switch internet to a wi-fi connection
  • Go close to your router for stronger signal strength
  • Try a different recording device
    • Devices older than 2 years can give issues
    • Mobile records better than desktop
  • Try a different internet connection
    • Upload speed is the biggest problem users face submitting videos. Try a connection with faster upload.
    • Poor cellular internet signal can give issues especially for users living far outside a city
  • Try a different browser
    • Chrome, Safari, Explorer and Edge work best
  • mobile devices give the best video quality

Issues beyond our control:

There are some elements that affect the big red button that are beyond our control. There are known issues with Samsung devices older than 2 years, some lesser known mobile devices, Windows tablets and Google Chrome on Windows 10. Also some lesser known browsers that don’t meet web standards can sometimes have issues with it.

  • If you have issues with desktop recording please ensure your flash is up to date and test your webcam setup at
  • Sometimes if a user is on a wifi connection that gets interrupted it can affect the video and audio sync.
  • These issues are web infrastructure and device related and will eventually work themselves out as browsers and devices become more standardized.


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