Award Submission Area

  Award Submission Area

The steps that lead up to using this area to submit your evidence

Social School Award Process

Registering and submitting evidence for the Social School Award is straight forward and described in the downloadable files below.

The Word version of the file is editable should you want to use the templates within it or copy and paste them out into your own Word file for submission later when you’ve got all your evidence together.


What’s the process to get the Award?

  • SSA Process & Activity Outline.pdf

  • SSA Process & Activity Outline.docx

  • Coates Lane Primary School.mp4


Ready to send in your Award video and supporting evidence?

1. Click the ‘Video Upload’ text link not the button (not available on mobile devices)
2. Fill in all boxes
3. Choose your video file and upload.

1. Click the big red ‘Record Video’ button.
2. Fill in all boxes & Save
3. Record, re-take it if needed & then submit your video.Buttons you will see


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