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King Edwin Primary School

King Edwin Primary School has just become the first school in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, to be awarded the Social School Award. With the Social Team comprising of 4 SLT members, King Edwin has in the last few years prioritised communication with parents using social media to open up conversation and increase transparency. While the school […]

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The Prince of Wales Primary School (Dorset)

The Prince of Wales Primary School (@POWFS) is the first primary school in Dorset to achieve the Social School Award.  Led in their submission by Headteacher Gary Spracklen (@nelkcarps), the school has been actively engaging with parents & the wider world using social media since 2009 and along the way have built up a lot […]

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CPD Certified

Dotted around the site and in the latest version of our documentation (v2) you might have noticed a new logo. This is a globally recognised mark of CPD quality.  It has been earned by the Social School Award after being independently assessed by The CPD Certification Service as the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating […]

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