Self-Evaluation Gaps

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Self-Evaluation Gaps

What to do next

How to get answers and evidence to fill the gaps
fixing gapsAs part of the initial simple self assessment you may have had to select ‘NO’ to one or more of the 5 core requirements.


To fix any gaps you have 2 main choices.

1. Read the notes below and fix the gaps by yourself now you know where they are.
2. Pre-register with the school submission fee and access to the Resource Area to save time.

When you are ready to submit your school evidence you can make your first Award submission.

Twitter can be used in a number of different ways at school to support learning, professional development and school promotion.  If you have gaps in the kinds of activities that Twitter supports, you can either explore how other schools are communicating, sharing and connecting by using it or you can opt to get access to the Social School Award Resource Area.

Facebook can be used in many different ways at school to support parental engagement, promotion, community development, SSMC and much more.  You can either explore what other schools are doing independently or opt to get access to the Social School Award Resource Area.

It is unlikely that you haven’t got a social media policy in school that has been signed off by Governors or Directors.  From this policy should come clarity for all of your schools’ community members regarding roles, responsibilities and acceptable methods of use.  You may however only have a broad strokes policy that may benefit from specific supplements or appendices that focus on how the constructive relationship between social media, school culture, values and so on through the effective use and management of the major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  You may want to research more widely how schools are meeting the need for clarity of use and how they handle the sometimes more challenging areas that link HR policy to Social Media Policy.  Your school can either address the requirement independently or you could opt to get access to the Social School Award Resource Area.

It’s critical that your school’s Social Team in place and able to weather change such as staff turnover. What’s also critical is that your Team has the right people in it who as a team can do their job strategically and with authority. At least one member of your school’s SLT should be an active part of the Social Media Team. How to fix this, if you haven’t got SLT involvement, is fairly straight forward. Your school can either address the requirement independently or you could opt to get access to the Social School Award Resource Area.

Parents need to know how and why your school is using social media or it just becomes another ‘thing’ with no clear strategy built around it for them to puzzle about and work their way through. Speak to some parents and ask them about their understanding of what school is doing with social media and take it from there. Alternatively, or as well, you could opt to get further guidance and resources by accessing the Social School Award Resource Area.



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