The Social School Award is rooted firmly in education and was created by John Bidder & David Mitchell to recognise the work of all schools who are striving to claim and establish their own digital citizenship.

The impact of being awarded is likely to be significant attracting quality people more attuned to the values and ethos of your school – staff as well as parents.

john bidderJohn Bidder is a former teacher, advisory teacher & school improvement officer who has worked in and with schools for almost 20 years.  His work over the last seven years with schools, as founder of Blippit Social, in the UK has centred upon harnessing social media for parental engagement in particular with a focus on Facebook.  To this day John is in schools working with senior leaders to ensure they & their social teams can confidently & effectively use social media to improve what he calls the parent journey.


DAVID MITCHELLDavid Mitchell is a former Headteacher of two schools. His work with schools across the UK & beyond in the area of blogging to improve standards in writing is a source of great pride for David. He is also a great proponent of Twitter (where he is better known as DeputyMitchell) as a tool for professional development & curriculum enrichment. To this day David still works in schools all over the country through his ClusterBlogging projects to show good practice in blogging by showing the value of celebrating the writing process & how the role of an authentic audience can deliver valuable feedback to pupils of all ages.

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