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West Lakes Academy Success in Social School Award

Although the weather outside was frightful, inside West Lakes Academy was a delightful warm welcome from their Social Media Team just one day before the end of term!

West Lakes Academy Social Team
West Lakes Academy Social Team 2017-18


The Award submission was coordinated by Vicky Blackhall (Language Teacher & Student Leadership Coordinator) and Jill Sunter (English Teacher & Social Media Manager).

As you might expect with the increased span and scale of a secondary Academy, the Team comprises of two Year 13 students: Juliet (Media Prefect) and Lettie (Head Girl).  These students are major contributors, as eyes and ears of the Team, being directly involved with the authoring and creation of content in all its forms.

Coordination of ‘voice’ and updates across so many Twitter accounts is bound to be a challenge but we felt (and had it confirmed in person!) that West Lakes Academy has a strong and very authentic relationship with parents.  This ‘tips’ into other areas, builds confidence/trust and sets the bar for everyone. Risks are managed well and the school Senior Leaders back a wide range of impactful activities to support learning and engagement. What we sensed was a high level of respect for the school as a learning organisation by parent, students and staff.

Awarding West Lakes Academy Social Team Students
Awarding West Lakes Academy Social Team Students

Of course, the Academy’s Ofsted Outstanding judgement earlier in 2017 helps in all this but in years gone by some have said that schools in their position have a lot to lose by embracing social media.  How many times have we heard “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”  Not here and not by a long way.

Congratulations to everyone at West Lakes Academy.  Have a happy & healthy Christmas & New Year in 2018.

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