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Wouldn’t it be amazing if every school…?

social school award

Lots of schools have embraced social media in recent years & it has become clear that the more successful ones have certain things in common.  Namely, they’ve begun to recognise how social media can be a positive force for change in and around school.

What is it that makes a school effective in it’s social media use?

As a vehicle for change, social media in schools can be very influential.  Many Head Teachers may first feel this most acutely when their school is not actually using social media.  The change is often felt in their blood pressure when insiders tell them how others are steering and shaping the school’s story for them via social media.  Not a nice feeling.

As soon as a school decides to accept and envisage a parental community that is batting for school, this makes the step into using social media a much more confident one.

Every parent is a change-agent-in-waiting and with a certain sort of leadership, one that gives a school Social Team ‘space’ and parents ‘trust’, the results will break down barriers.

So what’s your school’s change story?

The Social School Award is your opportunity to capture what’s happened for your school using social media as a vehicle… so let’s hear it!

Is your school ready to register for the Social School Award?



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