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School, safeguarding & social media – what have we learned?

fbYou’d be forgiven for thinking that in order to use the world’s biggest social media platform, your school would have to be at the frontier for innovation or at the very least have maverick-like leadership. Not true. Far from it.

The Heads we know all see the value of parental engagement.  From new-to-the-school Heads through to very well established Heads it really doesn’t matter and for them it’s just a matter of how to get traction.

OfstedLogoWhere a school ‘is‘ in Ofsted’s eyes is proving not to be a factor either in whether a Head chooses to use engage with parents or not using social media.  For example you might think that a school with a notice to improve has better things to be doing?  Surely it’s inviting trouble from disgruntled parents but in our experience it appears not.

You might think that an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ school would have lots more to put at risk and lose but again the answer would seem to be ‘no’!

Safeguarding: key features of outstanding practice

The tide has turned over the last 7 years on the ‘everything social is bad’ camp and that’s why we say things talk about things like ‘harnessing Facebook for good’.

Experience shows that parents want to be active participants in safeguarding and actively be included and party to the school’s success having invested their most precious things into the school – their children.

This video, made by year 3 in 2013, was a direct result of children and parents being together in a joint ‘talk’ about how to keep safe.

Keeping children safe is everyone’s job and we believe that for children to be safer social citizens they need better equipped parents who can actively & passively learn via school as an excellent role model.  Hear more about changing attitudes to social media use from the Pan Lancashire Children’s Safeguarding Group Chair.

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