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Parents seem to over react to the strangest things

If, in the name of science, you want to cause stress in the life of primary school parents there’s one sure fire way to do it.  Just change what the children have to wear in school on one day and then stand well back.

The following is slightly tongue in cheek list but arguably any of these actions will make ‘triggering’ parents all the more likely (highly undesirable)

  • be slightly unclear about the date for this variation in uniform
  • pick a time when parents are already emotionally roller-coastering along on their own journey towards a critical event over which they have little control
    • e.g. religious festivals, transitions across key stage or school, national charity events like Sports or Comic relief
  • include the information at the foot of a newsletter as part of a much longer list
    • also, use Comic Sans pt size 10 or another any off-beat font to dissuade reading
  • if asked, tell parents you told them already in this month’s newsletter, text, radio broadcast or personal address by the Head
    • this reinforces their sense of powerlessness to control even the most trivial variations in their life
  • forget that parents are only half-listening anyway
    • What was that last one again?

[fvplayer src=”https://socialschoolaward.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/halflistening_ssa.mp4″ width=”1280″ height=”800″ caption=”They’re only ever half listening anyway”]

In short, for pre-stressed parents, finding a themed sweater or something green for their child has the potential to festively and royally de-rail their normally stable emotional centre.

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